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commentfic party, anyone?

LJ refugees! It is Thursday and the internet is failing to entertain. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: COMMENTFIC.

Write or excerpt a thing on the theme of: stuck. Any interpretation, any scenario. Metaphorically, physically, locked in, locked out, handcuffed together, unintentional bodysharing, stranded at an airport, [insert cliche here]. All fandoms, pairings, lengths accepted! Write ten words, or write a couple thousand.

GO. \o/?
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Alas, my literary skills, such as they ever were, have fled. But I do have a hilarious story involving a very tiring Atlantic flight, a heavy period, not just one but two tampons and a hideous realisation several days later that I could share with you ...

... what? You'll pass? You young people these days!
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Nowt that couldn't be sorted with a handy crochet hook. And a periscope.

Man, I can lower the tone of any conversation. It's a gift. Sadly, non-returnable.
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X-Men, Kity Pryde, Iceman

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I've been reading [livejournal.com profile] customers_suck...

Kitty slumped into her room at the X-Mansion, slung her bag into a chair, and flopped on the bed.

"Hey, you okay?"

Looking up, she saw Iceman hanging in the doorway.

"I got fired."

"Fired!? After only a week!?"

"Arrgh." She ran her hands through her hair and pulled in frustration. "This douchebag asked to look at a puppy and when I took him into the puppy room, he had his hands all over me. So I kinda..." She trailed off into a mumble.

"You kinda *what*? Bobby's eyes twinkled in anticipation.

"I kinda phased him halfway through the floor. The last I saw of him, he was being given a facewash by the Alsation. And apparently he's allergic to dog spit." She mimed her face ballooning out.

Bobby would have commiserated... but he was laughing too hard.

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Re: X-Men, Kity Pryde, Iceman

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And pretend I spelled 'Kitty' correctly in the subject. *facepalm*
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Re: X-Men, Kity Pryde, Iceman

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DELIGHTFUL. God, I love Kitty. <3
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The Class - Kat & Ethan

[personal profile] zeplum 2011-07-28 07:51 pm (UTC)(link)
First thing I've written in months. Jeezy creezy.

"How did you even --"

Ethan's eyes are wide, and Kat can already see a smirk developing at the corners of his mouth. He probably thinks he's being all un-emotive and shit, but he's failing miserably.

Then again, he actually has a full range of motion, unlike Kat, whose right arm is decidedly stuck to the bar at McCall's Pub.

"If I knew that, do you think I'd be in this position?"

"But you're stuck...to a BAR."

Only one arm is stuck, which means Kat can still take a swing at Ethan if he comes close enough. But he doesn't, the smart bastard. Instead she scrunches up her face and tries to figure out if she's within kicking distance. In the meantime, she'll distract him with banter.

"I have special skills."


"Shut up. Yes, I'd totally make a lame-ass X-Man, but I'd still be cooler than you."

"Says the woman who's stuck to the bar."

"Stop mocking and come help me. You're a doctor -- serve and protect, dude."

"That's the police."

Eventually they manage to get pry her arm from the wood, but not before Ethan pulls out some ninja move, swooping in close like he's going to kiss her. Which hi, is totally not on.

"Argh, what you doing!" Kat yells, trying to pull away, but there's only so much lee way she has before ending up a human pretzel, or with her ass on the floor (and with her luck, an arm still attached to the bar above).

But instead of kissing her, he kisses the top of her head like she's a damn child.

When she finally manages to un-squick herself, Ethan's got her arm un-stuck and is carefully leaning against bar looking smug.

"What was that all about?"

"Nothing. Just the highlight of my week."

Kat punches him in the arm and moves to kick him too, but pulls back before making contact. Ethan flinches and Kat grins.

"And that was the highlight of mine."
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Re: The Class - Kat & Ethan

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Thank you! It really is a fandom of like, four people, but they always seem to be my go to when I try to write something after a long absence. :)
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It was black.

It was hard, sitting on the floor.

It was uncomfortable, because he definitely shouldn't have drunk that last glass of water and now he needed to pee. Which reminded him:

"This isn't the worst place to end up in," said Gerard.

Frank was rustling something, throwing up puffs of paper-smells and something spicy. "At least it's not like last time."

"That wasn't my fault! How was I supposed to know the latch was broken?"

"Maybe by the giant sign on the front of the port-o-john saying 'do not enter'?"

"Hey, I was listening to the chorus in 'London Dungeon' that time, okay, I got distracted. Besides, we'll hear when Lindsey and Bandit pull in the driveway, and then she'll hear us yelling and let us out. It'll be fine."

"If we die in here and I leave my kids dadless, my ghost will haunt your ghost until the end of time." There was even more rustling, another puff of nice spicy smells, and then Gerard was struck with sense-memory and overcome with nerves.

"What - hey! What are you doing?!"

"Holy shit Gee, is this crinoline?" Frank demanded and flicked on a light switch Gerard didn't know existed, pulling a classic black-and-white maid outfit from a box he should not have been handling.

The dress was also definitely not in Lindsey's size. Gerard sighed tragically, and Frank's grin took up his whole face.


Lindsey howled laughing and Bandit copied her, when she saw how they'd gotten trapped in a closet together.
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Hee, I think so too. It's so appropriate and I just happened to have it lying around DW.